What is Plasma Gel?

Plasma gel is an autologous filler mainly used in facial,forehead,chin,eye,mouth,neck,hands etc.for all kinds of wrinkles correction, filling scars, filling hollowed or flabby skins etc.

Specifications of Plasma Gel

Temperature range:0-90ºC


Syringe holder capacity:10 syringes

The syringe holders are suitable for 1ml/3ml/5ml syringes.1ml/3ml is mostly used.

With both heating system and cooling system

Digital Display

Weight: 6.5kgs


Power supply: 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz

Warrantee: One year


How to make Plasma Gel?

  1. Extract plasma after blood centrifugation.
  2. Transfer plasma into 1cc syringes.
  3. Put 1cc syringes into the machine heating position for heating (syringe holder for heating) at program of 70°C 3minutes, after finish, it will automatically go for heating at program of 90°C   10minutes.
  4. 4.After heating program, get 1cc syringes into cooling position for cooling (syringe holder for cooling). After cooling program, it is ready for injection.

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