Skin Pen MicroNeedling Therapy Pre/Post Instructions

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• Improves acne scars and other scars
• Stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture
• Optimizes penetration of anti-aging or skin lightening products
A series of four treatments (or more) are set at 4-6 week intervals
Pre-treatment instructions:
1. For one month before treatment avoid sun exposure. Wear a sunscreen with at least a SPF 30
at all times outdoors. If your skin is even slightly tanned, the risk of discoloration increases after
2. Avoid retinoids (Retin-A™, Tazorac ™, Renova™, Differin™, Atralin™, Skin Medica or Obagi
or Avene retinol) and Glycolic Acid products for five days prior to treatment. Avoid exfoliating
cleansers for one week before treatment.
3. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), Aleve and fish oil for 5 days before each treatment.
4. Arrive 30 to 40 minutes before treatment for our staff to apply topical anesthetic.
After treatment:
1. Avoid retinoids (Retin-A™, Tazorac ™, Renova™, Differin™, Atralin™, Skin Medica or Obagi
or Avene retinol) and Glycolic Acid products for five days. Avoid exfoliating cleansers for 2
2. Apply SPF 30 or greater sunscreen daily. Prolonged sun exposure is to be avoided for 4 weeks
before and after treatment. Sun exposure may cause certain complications (possibility of
blistering and/or hyperpigmentation).
3. Makeup can be applied as long as the skin is not broken. Makeup can also serve to protect the
skin from sun exposure.
4. Immediately after treatment your skin will be evenly red and feel sensitive like a sunburn, and this
should resolve over 24-48 hours for a lighter treatment (for mild sun damage) or over 24-72 hours
(for deeper treatment, such as for acne scarring).
5. ***Avoid sweaty exercise and sun exposure for 3 days after treatment. ***
6. Use the SkinFuse Post Treatment Kit after your treatment for one week. (included with your
SkinPen package)
• Cleanse -Purify Cleansing Complex
• Rescue Calming Complex
• Fortify Vita C Serum
• Reclaim Hydrating Support
• Shield Zinc Oxide SPF30
• Repeat as needed throughout the day
7. At day 8 after treatment, start SkinFuse Surge, a combination Vitamin C and Retinol gel
(included in your package), to assist with stimulating new collagen formation. At the same time you
can restart your regular skin care products, including antiaging skin products, such as TNS or NeoCutis
growth factor products, Lytera, Vitamin C serums (Dr. Pencan be used in addition to the Vitamin C in SkinFuse
Surge), and glycolic cleansers or serums. Since SkinFuse Surge has retinol, you do not need to restart
your retinol if you usually use one. This will reduce the chance of irritation. Once you have completed
the 4 SkinPen treatment sessions and post-treatment products, restart your own retinol.

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