Adipose Derived Stem Cell – Conditioned Medium are the latest cosmetic in 2018.

Where studies have proven the safety and effectiveness when used.

Method: Isolation of stem cells from fat cells and then processed by adding specific substances and placing these cells in the centrifuge, we get the extract which is planted on a certain medium for a certain period to obtain a new extract called Adipose Derived Stem Cell – Conditioned Medium, which can be injected in a safe way Does not cause any allergy or pain and gives amazing results in the treatment of skin problems and hair loss.

Package: Syringe 8 ml sufficient for 4 sessions.

Directions: The syringe should be well shaken and then diluted by 2 ml of the substance to 1 ml distilled water for injection.

The injection is done in the same way as mesotherapy, or by derma roller, derma pen or after laser.

Benefits of using cultured cells from system cells:

  1. acts as an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.
  2. works to tighten skin lose.
  3. help in the treatment of pigmentation of the skin.
  4. helps with laser in the treatment of scars.
  5. helps with laser in the treatment of signs of Stretch Marks.
  6. works to stop hair loss with re-growth.

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